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As an addendum to Monday’s bonus hour long journey to work, some ‘yoofs‘ had got on the line, the police cut the power so they wouldn’t get hurt and so again SWT ground to a halt. They had probably long enough to sort them out from the morning, only for them to get screwed up again. I got the 17:15 home to Fratton, that actually left nearer 17:45, and was 8 carriages long, so I stood up to Guildford, in high heels, my feet still haven’t sorted themselves out yet.

Dan and I went over to Gunwharf to Nandos for a mediocre meal, in a restaurant that has such bad acoustics you can hear everything around you, but not the person opposite you. But we had a nice evening all in all, and had finished packing, said goodbye to Betty and were in bed for 11ish – which is bearable, any later and I am a zombie the next day.

It’s been an odd week so far, and it’s only Wednesday. We’ve moved out, I have half moved into Aged Ps, half is sitting in Liz and Jim’s conservatory while I a) wait for this week to be over and done with, and b) Mum to clear some space as they are in a bit of a muddle *shock* one of my tasks I have been asked to do while I am around there (apart from making Dad a quiche, chili con carne and macaroni cheese) is to help them tidy up. Which as anyone who has ventured in there will know, will mean culling some (lots of) stuff.

I didn’t have a great start this morning, I hadn’t set my alarm so it was a good job Liz woke me up when she did and that I had set out my clothes last night. It started to gently rain as I stood waiting for the train, there were two rainbows, very pretty and made me smile as I looked at them. I took a photo with my phone, but it didn’t come out very well. Dan has the camera, so Mads the Pap is on a summer hiatus, unfortunately this does mean I will end up in more pictures as I can’t hide behind my lens.

DG emailed me about lunch time to say that he was at Singapore, the food was great in Business class but the films were crap, beggars can’t be choosers. He really enjoyed his upgrade and made the most of it, with a good sleep. I had a text on the train on the way home tonight to say that he had landed ok in Melbourne. It is odd that he is on the other side of the world at the moment, but I’ll get used to it.

After a busy day and small diva tantrum at work, for which the past few weeks I have been noting what I have been doing every 15 minutes – go on, you try it for a day or so, it’s really hard work! I was supposed to meet Charlotte at 6pm, but I was still there heading towards 6, got my feet stuck together and as I pulled them out from under my desk, found I had broken my shoes. I rung Charlotte, who laughed at me and I put a pair of clippycloppy shoes on to go and buy a pair to wear tomorrow and Friday. It also means next week I need to find yet another pair of flat black shoes. You try having heffalump sized feet, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I am still nervous-ish about buying shoes in Oz. Oh the woes of being female.

Dan (at work) and I were talking about the 7 things you need to take with you as a bloke:
1. Keys
2. Wallet
3. Phone
4. iPod
5. Oyster card
6. Pass for work
7. I can’t remember now

Needless to say as a person of the female persuasion, I have half a tonne of stuff and have already blogged about it all. With the paperwork I will carry home from the course tomorrow, via Claire’s leaving drinks I will no doubt be a pack horse all over again.

After buying some shoes, I toddled back to Moorgate to get the tube round to Victoria, not the easiest journey to make at the best of times, and especially not if you go the wrong way round the Circle line. I changed at Kings Cross onto the Victoria line and probably ended up there quicker anyway. I then tried to find a salad in M&S, easier said than done with people who were in a real hurry to get home and the salads spread over three different places in one store. I am also getting Don’s cold from work, he looks like Rudolph, sounds awful and we are all getting sore throats in various stages through the office.

THEN to top this bizarre day off, the train I was on was supposed to be 12 carriages long, it was 8 so a bit squashed, we split at Haywards Heath and the Littlehampton bit was due to go first out the station. Except there was no driver, so we all had to get off, swap the carriages around and get back on again. Huge amounts of people, all getting in each other’s way and much chuntering from the people trying to get home to Littlehampton who felt very put out.

I am sat in the living room with Jim and two of his friends, who are watching the football, around the TV pictures falling off, so we are watching it and listening to Radio5 live commentary, which is much better than John Motson wittering on.

I will be blogging as much as I can while Dan is away, our contact is going to be limited so I want to keep him up to date with the weird and wonderful world that I am in. That said, I don’t know how much I’ll get done over the coming few days, busy bee that I am and all.

Thank you all to everyone for their good wishes and virtual hugs to both Dan and I over the past 24 hours, it was appreciated and most heartfelt from all of you. I will let the Vivid Peope know if I have a wobble, but I think I’ll be ok. I am eagerly waiting my passport to come back into my grubby little paws, I can book my flight then!


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