A post from two weeks ago for you…

Morning folks,

I am on the train, but with Mum next to me instead of random people at Petersfield. I am now on Wednesday, so the people who decided I wouldn’t last until today boo-sucks. But it does mean that for people who had me later, it’s looking good. :D

Moving in was ok, although there is no room in the house, at all. I am cluttering up a little bit, but not as much as Dad is, Mum has asked that I help with sorting them out. But I only have two months so that’s a bit optimistic. I would put photos on here, but you wouldn’t believe it, and Dad would do his tank, so I better not!

It has been over a week since Dan left, which is at the same time scary and really quick too. It’s just over 8 weeks till I go, we have emailed, texted and spoke on msn and on the phone on Saturday morning. We are going to try and speak once a week, Friday night for him, and Saturday for me, so it works out quite well all round.

The course I did last week ‘Today’s PA’ was absolutely brilliant. It was two days of hard work, but unlike most courses where you feel full of vim and vigour, vowing to do everything when you get back to work – but not quite making it. I have already instigated new practices and started working differently. Paul the coach has been a PA before, instead of someone teaching you who hasn’t done your job or know the pressures you are under, blithely saying ‘do this or do that’ without really appreciating that you can’t just ‘do this or do that’.

Some of the things he suggested were so simple, so logical you think to yourself ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ but sometimes you need someone to point out the blooming obvious to you.


I didn’t get a chance to finish this or upload it yesterday, so I can fill you in on what has been happening at home. Mum and I cleared the dining table yesterday, it took about half an hour, most of the stuff on it was Dad’s so we put all the paperwork in a file and told him he needed to sort it out by next Wednesday. Having learnt that if you overload people with information and expect it back straight away you overwhelm them, giving him a week will hopefully mean he sorts it out. I’ll remind him on Monday to see how he’s getting on.

I am still sleeping well on the sofa bed, although I am missing Dan lots, we used to lie in bed in the evening chatting over the day, and I miss bouncing ideas off him. He sent me an email yesterday saying that his job is good, but he’s got a lot running through his mind, I could always tell as he normally goes to sleep before me, so every so often I’d tell him to stop thinking, about a minute later there would be gentle snores. Bless him.

We had a mare at work yesterday, we had a board meeting on, so James automatically went into the board room, instead of room 5 which had been allocated for him. Don did his tank, Anna was stuck on a train that got diverted to Kings Cross, so was late and was greeted with ‘I’ll deal with you later’ which made her cry. Suky was in to start the guys networking training, so Katharine had set it all for her, Becky and Sheryl spent 10 minutes making frantic coffee and tea, moving the rooms around with minimal fuss, Don was flapping around all over the place. I was sorting Suky out with the last minute things, then as the guys went to go into the room to start their training, they decided to swap rooms with the Board meeting, so all the flip charts were moved out, the video conferencing moved around, projector down etc. What a muddle. Needless to say, Don was in a foul mood all day thereafter and we now have to stick a note on the door to say who is in what meeting room first thing.


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