And another one! From today

Right having been banging on about keeping you lot up-to-date I guess I better let you know what has been happening since I left Portsmouth.

I moved into Liz’s for about a week, Aged Parents were in France and Belgium for a couple of weeks, Mum took another 4 days off and were organising the living room ready for the sofa bed to be delivered. If I had appeared before the Sunday, it would have been even more chaotic than normal. Rob who was Mum’s boss had his 40th that weekend, so they stayed over the Sunday night, I moved my stuff in and vaguely tried to organise myself. Over the past couple of weeks we have moving things around finding places for them, and I have finally packed all my extraneous stuff into the 2 boxes PSS (the shipping company) sent me. I have a drawer and a crate in the bedroom for my clothes, a box a few files of my personal paperwork, birth certificate, passport, medical docs etc in that will be going in my carry on, lap-top, 3 books and a couple of DVD wallets and that’s it.

Dan found got us a little flat yesterday, the garage is underneath, so the flat is laid out over a rectangle, I haven’t seen a floor plan yet, only some photos on the estate agents internet flyer. I will get him to scribble a plan out or take more photos so I can work out the room layout. Or I could just wait 7 weeks and I will be living there. I was trying to get to sleep last night and kept thinking about where to put things in the kitchen and what I will need to buy when I get there. I keep getting emails with web links to Ikea in Australia, ‘Do you like this?’ I have been told that I need to send him a list of things to buy, internet shopping with a personal touch, I like it!

I am enjoying living with Mum and Dad, we watched 2 Ever Decreasing Circles last night while I ironed, we’d been shopping I met them in Sainsbugs, and had dinner. We haven’t had a row yet, and I don’t think we will but their house is so filled with stuff it’s amazing. But not in a good way, I have said to Dad that I don’t want them living like this, he couldn’t see what was wrong with it. I need to take some photos to show them really, it’s filled with piles of books, magazines, newspapers there are cameras lying around, receipts, loads of ‘stuff’. I was blow-drying my hair this morning and saw a flyer with Spring 98 on, so while I didn’t have time to investigate this morning, needless to say if it is 10 years old – it will be recycled tonight!

Liz and I have been going up the gym twice a week, to augment our tummy’s, she is also losing weight, she’s not on the diet I am doing, just trying to eat a bit healthier. I have lost a stone (or 6kg if you are in metric) so far. My clothes are varying from loose to looser to fitting again, hurrah.

Um, what else has happened? I have been busy at work as Abbey was out last week on a messy girls holiday to Spain, the library at work is taking shape, I am hoping to get in there today to file away the paperwork I have been collecting so far, I then will catalogue what we have and start a proper filing system. I emailed all our portfolio companies and their material is coming in from their offices in dribs and drabs, Mike’s office is looking a lot less cluttered and he has contributed a lot of his filing to the library as he wasn’t touching it. I am trying to get it organise before Xennya starts in August. We are going to have 3 weeks working together, although Abbey and Sheryl are both out for one week in the middle, with Becky out for the Monday of that week too – which could be interesting.

So I am back in the swing of blogging for you. Must try harder. TTFN


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