That’s better!

I have been having a little wobble this week, and it’s not something I want in cyberspace – so it’s not going on here. However, situations have changed and I feel a lot happier now. For those that noticed my status on FB and called, I thank you.

Unknowingly, I seem to have stepped into the Truman Show a little too. I get off the train at East Croydon, the Gatwick Express comes through. I don’t run to get on the train to London Bridge, even though it means changing platforms, but I still see the same people running to get the one that will deliver them to the station 3 minutes before the next train. I see the same people on the train, wonder at the outfits that some people wear, I am assuming that some of them will see work, but not the office that I work in for sure. I walk across London Bridge itself, all of us herding into the City, then on the way home, all of us herd in the opposite direction.

I dodge free newspapers, what a waste of paper and how much does actually get recycled at the end of the day? As the majority of the planet are being told to reuse, recycle and so on, I am surprised at the sheer volume of paper left at the end of any journey into or out of London. As Sandi Toksvig said, she takes a leaf blower with her to get to her seat on the tube now.

Dan has collected the keys for our flat in Malvern East, and texted me this morning to say that he was in it. Very excited now about things, (if you are interested – 39 days and counting). I do need to check what needs to be done to get me out the country, and make sure I am ticking things off as I go, I seem to have lost the plot on a lot of things over the past 10 days.

This weekend we have Mum’s 60th celebrations, we are having a pic-a-nic basket (boo boo) lunch on the canal in London and visiting the Canal museum. She spotted it in a leaflet that came with my newspaper, the weather is going to be great so we don’t have to cross our fingers on that score. We just need to pray to the Gods of small children, so we don’t get any annoying rugrats on the train to/fro; though to be fair, I love children and most are fine, it is usually the parents that are the root of the problem.

I am doing well on the detox diet, I have lost over a stone and seem to have levelled out now for the past few days. I know I weigh myself far too often (bad Maddie), but there we have it. I am still going up the gym, although not made it so far this week, I am going tomorrow and looking forward to it. I am not missing: coffee (albeit decaf), bread, meat or even alcohol. When I have been struggling this week, all I have wanted to do was get up the gym, which has to be progress.

More later, I will blog on my lap top and upload it on Sunday at Clan Gleesons. TTFN


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