We have had a great day today. For Mum’s birthday we all piled up to London to go to the Canal Museum and have a picnic in Regents Park. It was really hot though, so we got slightly broiled. We wandered along the tow path, on the sunny side of street so to speak. I don’t know about sunny side, more like bloody baking.

Still, we had fun; the museum was lovely and twee, lots of information and an absolutely beautiful building that it was all housed in, well worth a little visit – but it won’t take long to look round. The walk along the tow-path was really pretty with fishermen, cyclists and lots of birds, including a family of fluffy ducklings. We got halfway along to Regents Park then decided to cut through the streets instead, we ducked into a pub and I had the first proper alcohol for over a month. I had a mouthful, and enjoyed the first taste, but after about 1/4 pint, I could have not worried really. We had another round, which I couldn’t finish, carried on walking to the park. Caireen and I brought a bottle of Portuguese beer, which Mum helped me with in the Park. So all in all, I don’t think I will be drinking much at all in the future – it certainly didn’t go down very well. Never mind.

As I have progressed through the month, I have felt myself and my tastes change. I am not sure how much my habits will change ‘back’ to what they were. I know I will eat a bit more meat than I have been, I really enjoyed my hard boiled egg with my salad at lunch time, but I am enjoying what I am eating, I am enjoying seeing my weight come down in stages and I am really enjoying having to take two pairs of trousers to be tailored smaller too!

I am trying to watch Top Gear, it’s the end of the series already, it’s only just started!! TTFN


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