Before I leave – the diary is full

So if you want to see me, don’t take this the wrong way but – tough. I have no more room to see anyone, and cannot move what I now have in the diary.

On a brighter note, the weather is great, I have shorts on and I slept really well last night. I didn’t get to the gym, I pottered at home and sat with Mum and Dad while they had their dinner. I had eaten on the train in preparation for the gym, but was bollixed so didn’t quite get there. Liz had texted me to say she was bushed too, so I will work harder on Sunday instead, and try and get out and about before then for a long walk. It’s ironing tonight, on account I won’t have anything to wear to work or for drinkies tomorrow night otherwise.

Must dash, I am going to be productive today, and try not to cry. If I make it, that will be an achievement. I have had a weep every day for the past two weeks.


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