Over the weekend I did…

Ladies What Lunch

Sorry for the delay in getting these up online, I have had a busy weekend and I am not online from my lap top at Aged Ps, so while I import most of their CD collection into my itunes, I am typing away for your reading pleasure.

Thursday night I went out with Mum, the girls from work, Sonia, Sarah, Erika, some train buddies, Vanessa and Julia, and a couple of PAs that I work with from other companies came out to play too, as did Paul, who runs the Today’s PA course and training company. A good time was had by all at Just St James. Once we’d asked 5 different people where we were supposed to be sitting, and finally found ourselves downstairs, I am still hoping that other people didn’t arrive and not find us. They have a bit of a scam on though, so watch out for it, it’s a discretionary 12.5% surcharge on everything they bring to the table. Good job we didn’t run a tab, we’d never have been able to afford the bill at the end of it. As it was we kept taking it off, much to one waiter’s disgust ‘You haven’t given enough money’ So Sonia told him that it was ‘Discretionary, so I’ve used my discretion and taken it off’. We had some platters of food, talked and talked and took lots of photos.

When it was time to disappear, we all said our goodbyes, Mum, Erika, Sonia, Sarah and I toddled down to Green Park, Erika went off to Waterloo, and we all went off to Victoria. On the way back I got the giggles, most unlike me, and Sarah took a photo of me trying not to pee myself laughing. If you really want to see it, it’s on Facebook. I had problems getting my worms out, we were on an escalator, I called it restaurant, I checked the timetable, but called it umbrella. Oh dear.

I had a great time that evening, it will be one that I often look back on with affection. Thank you all for coming.

Friday Night

This was always going to be special, Sarah and I used to live together and I have known Sonia, Leany, Sarah for over 10 years and this could be the last time we spent any time together. I was told to expect some mystery guests, Smiley Hiley met me at the pub door with a hug and a kiss. He was supposed to be working, so disappeared shortly to work in one of the theatres. Mystery Guest no 1 was Alixe. I have known her for 30 years, we went to playgroup together, then infants, then junior school, then senior school, I then walked onto poolside to start teaching the first day I worked at the Sovereign Centre. Seeing her made me cry, the only ones of the night, which I think Sarah was a bit disappointed over.

Will blog more for you tomorrow – bear with me, I’s a mite busy this week!


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