Mutterings from my train journey home on Wednesday

I am on the train on the way home from dinner with Alice. Another night out and ticked off, another day completed. There is a storm raging to my left, lighting up the sky over London with blue, pink and green flashes like a badly co-ordinated fireworks display.

Alice and I went to Skylon at The Royal Festival Hall, we had to choose from a smaller menu, but the food was lovely. Gresham paid for it in a round about way, as I redeemed points from TopTable for booking dinners and lunches for them all. The train is full again, I wonder if everyone wearily winding their way home, had as good an evening as I have? I had 2 Hendricks martinis, God they were lovely, really refreshing. Alice had a watermelon martini and it nearly blew her head off as it was so strong

(I am listening to a revised playlist on my iPod. I’ve got songs on here that I haven’t listened to in ages. I keep moving over whole albums, instead of just cherry picking my favourite songs from them.)

I have had a good day today, all round. The best one I have had for ages actually. Last weekend was great, Thursday night was great, Friday night was lovely, Saturday day again was lovely, but not a whole work day and evening afterwards. It made a pleasant change I can tell you. 26 days to go, slowly slowly they are getting fewer. But it will have been 10 long weeks before I actually see Dan again. I know in the grand scheme of things this is a short time, but right now – it’s f-in huge.

The storm is still raging over to my left, even though we have now left London far behind us. The whole sky is being lit up in a flurry of colours, but being on the train, I can’t hear any thunder. When I was younger, I couldn’t sleep with a window open, for fear of storms. We are talking right up to when I was 20ish! When I am asleep, I am so asleep if I wake up suddenly I don’t know where I am, and hearing thunder as the first thing used to scare me silly. Living on the coast we do have some amazing storms too. Now I go round the house opening windows to let air in, while my Dad follows me shutting them, complaining he is hot. Dan and I nearly always had the front door open in our flat letting air in, even in the winter it was held open for part of the day.

Earl Grey tea – aaah! Since my detox, I have had 4 coffees. And didn’t really enjoy any of them. My taste buds have changed beyond all recognition, I never used to drink tea, now I can’t get enough of it. BUT there is a caveat, none of the blended PG Tips/Tetley shite. I only like the pure bags/leaves of one tea, not mixed for the masses. Yes, yes, I am a snob – tell me something I don’t know. Especially as I drink it black too, I look really middle class.

I am itching to get up the gym this week too, I haven’t had a chance to yet so Liz and I are off tonight. The Maddie I remember being before a whole lotta shit came down is coming back bit by bit.

PS the storm raged all the way home and till past 12am, with one enormous clap of thunder that sent the cat flying, I jumped, it felt like horizontally up from my bed and Mum came down to check I was ok. Everyone on the train also heard it, so it was massive!


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