Yes it is me, your faithless, feckless blogger reporting in, and apologising again that I again haven’t been wittering at you often enough.

As you can imagine it is just generally life, plus I have been fighting a cold this week, have had food poisoning and have been training Xennya our new PA, so have been a tad busy. I know you don’t care, I know you only want me to update you on what I am doing, but some of you lot should learn some patience I tell you! Have you noticed that I am trying to leave the country here? I will blog when I can, and when I can’t I won’t.

I am all packed up for next week when I am house and cat sitting for Julie. I am living in Stoke Newington, just down the road from my brother, and am looking forward to having a day in bed (Sunday) where I am not moving; I am reading, watching DVDs, dozing etc. But from when I get in on Saturday, till when I leave the house on Monday – I am duvet bound. I don’t care if it is a really nice day, I don’t care if I miss the chance to wander round a new neighbourhood for an afternoon, or miss getting the papers or going for a pub lunch. I need some serious Maddie time, and some serious zzzzz’s too. I have a little suitcase that is rammed solid with (amongst clothes and washing stuff) lap top, DVDs, 3 books and 2 magazines. It weighs a tonne, is difficult to manouvere and it was not pleasant walking from London Bridge to work today as it was muggy, so dragging it behind me was hard work.

Dan and I have been talking lots on MSN this week, our boxes have arrived so he has been picking over them, unpacking things he needs. I am offering odds of 10/1 that the cricket bats are out of their packaging, lovingly looked over and probably on display when I get there. The glasses that we sent arrived intact ready for me to drop them in the kitchen, so with a bit of luck my barometer will be ok too. I am looking forward to buying a Billy bookcase or two and unloading all the books on the shelves. My two boxes I sent from Eastbourne will be another month or two yet so I will have to wait for the extraneous smellies I thought I would need for the two months I was living in the country without DG to arrive. How many showers and baths I thought I would be taking I don’t know, but not that many to warrant the amount of stuff I brought to Eastbourne.

I have said goodbye to Mike today, he is off to Spain and so will miss the last two weeks I am living and working here. He took me out for lunch yesterday, unfortunately this gave me food poisoning, but we had a nice time. We gave each other a peck on the cheek and thanked each other, him for me sorting his admin nightmare out, me for being hired! I am going to miss him, he has been a good boss and I only hope I am as lucky to get someone with a similar sense of humour in the future.

Um, what else do I have to witter on about? I am going to see Dark Knight tonight at the IMAX, with Jim and Ellie, we are meeting up at Giraffe for dinner at the Royal Festival Hall. I might sneak in for a quick Hendricks Martini at Skylon if I leave on time :D The film looks amazing, and everyone I know who has seen it is reporting back on good performances all round. So I will let you know what I think next week. (I don’t know if I have internet access at Julie’s)

I don’t know, I will close for now but rest assured. I am still here, still working, still looking forward to seeing my boy, still not looking forward to going to the airport with Aged Ps.


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