That’s much better!

Following Saturday’s blurble about the state of the flat, it is now looking like two adults live here instead of, well I don’t know who would live in it the way it was actually. I stopped typing as Dan shuffled through to the living room yawning, if he could have bed-head he would have had it, his eyes were crossing as he was so tired bless him. We had supper, that exciting I can’t remember what it was, and I made Billy. I had some help with the holding bits together and he hammered in the nails on the back, but apart from that I assembled him. I then had the joyful task of loading him up with my books. I had started sorting them into piles, so it was a question of arranging them alphabetically, Dan and I brought up the last of the boxes (we had been waiting for the bookcases to be assembled before they came upstairs) and I had a happy evening getting the books out and on the shelves.

We made a picnic for the Sunday, crashed out and slept like logs. We’d brought a new duvet on the Saturday, one that is only 4.5 tog (ish) they call duvets ‘Doonas‘ and you try and find a label on the package to say how heavy they are. We had to ask in the end, as we gave up. The lady was really helpful, and showed us everything from cotton to wool, to silk to down, to alpaca. We settled on the wool one and I am pleased we did, it is lovely.

Sunday we got up, had eggy bread and veggimite for breakfast, with gluten free bread, it tasted the same so Dan is going to get more of it;, I just remembered what we had for supper on Saturday, gluten free pasta with pesto and cheese, again it was exactly the same. We had a bit of mis-communication as he was ushering me out the house, I asked ‘Are we behind schedule?’ we were supposed to be at his Dad’s house at 9.30, and we left ours at 9.40. But he didn’t tell me that we were stopping there first, so I was in faff-mode, making sure I had everything for the day, moisturising every square inch of skin and so on. If he’d told me I would have done more the night before and not wandered about in my dressing gown yawning for quite as long.

We had a cup of coffee with Ross and Leonie, delivered what we needed to, chatted for a bit then we went on our way to Ballarat. The goldfields north west of Melbourne, we’ve started exploring folks and somewhere that Dan couldn’t remember ever being to before either. We went to Sovereign Hill, which is a living museum, based on how the town would have looked through the gold rush. We panned for gold, went down a mine, had a cream tea (not gluten free but worth the rumbling afterwards), walked around for a couple of hours and enjoyed ourselves. In the guide book, they ask you not to wear period costume when you visit as all but the ticket sellers are in costume, and they don’t want any confusion from other visitors. The mind boggles really doesn’t it?

We went over the road to the Gold Museum, which was disappointing and very superior. I am vaguely looking for a white gold wedding ring, as I am yet to see one over here, but the women behind the counter knew that I had no intention of buying any of the really overpriced jewellery in the shop, so moved strategically away from me as I moved along the display cases. All the lables were handily written in Chinese writing too for the huge trade in Asian visitors.

We drove out of Ballarat after visiting the rowing location of the 1956 Olympics which was in the town, the lake was very low – all the boat houses stranded on dry land, when you could tell the water was right up to them when they were built. We kept seeing American cars all through the morning, and while we were at a roundabout, a convoy of them came past. Rolling over the bumps in the road, they even make Australian cars look small. When we went to Bunnings (B&Q) on the first day I was here, there was a Cadillac in the car park, taking up 4 spaces. It was massive, you could have lived in it.

We drove north through Creswick and up to Daylesford where we looked around the shops, I brought a cross stitch, we then drove to another lake for our late picnic. It was 4ish and did I get some funny looks. Although we are heading into Spring over here, it is still cold for some people. Not if you have recently arrived from the UK it isn’t. I was in a vest top over a t-shirt, with my gilet on, so my arms were bare, there were people with hats and scarves on.

We put the picnic stuff away in the car and went to the second hand bookshop that was by the lake, it had a cafe in and we thought we’d get a coffee to go, but they didn’t, so we didn’t. We drove home, with me riding shotgun again. Dan did all the driving, which wasn’t the plan, but just happened automatically. Must try harder next time.

It is now Monday, early evening. I have hoovered through, taken 4 empty boxes down to the garage, two that I broke down ready to be compacted at Dan’s work. I’ve done the ironing, tidied up and found the living room floor! We’ll be sorting paperwork out this evening, so when it’s all tidied away I will take photos as there are a few cubby holes stuffed silly with paper. We are having inclement weather at the moment. It is blowing a hooley and is piddling down with rain, I would like to go for a walk, but the weather is putting DG off, so I will defer it until tomorrow and put up with not leaving the flat except to go to the post office today.

Have a great week peeps.


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