A new day

The alarm went off at 6am; it is really dark in the mornings now, we lay there listening to the news, mostly about Pakistan and the horrible situation over there, then my phoned binged me out of bed at 6.10. I'd got everything ready the night before, all I had to do was shower, pray my hair sat where I put it, get dressed and have my breakfast.
As it is the first day, I'd worked out what connections I needed to get, and, of course, am a bit early so I blog on my phone for you all. I got the email address wrong when I put it in here *blush* so it should work now! I sat on Richmond station doing the last bits of my make-up, you'd have thought I grew an extra head. It isn't done here obviously, like changing in changing rooms. Never mind, they'll get used to seeing me brandishing my mascara wand around.
While it is nice to get the flat back without the trail of destruction my parents leave in their wake, it felt huge and empty while I was pottering around it yesterday. No TV, radio or music (until Oprah was on anyway) as I needed the peace and quiet, only broken by the hoover or washing machine. I don't know about targeting 155l of water use per person daily, I think over the past 3 days we did 10 loads of washing. Thankfully it has been dry and sunny so we could dry it all.
I texted Jason to find out if there was a microwave in the kitchen, he said 'Yes ma'am (well trained already) and a fridge. Looking forward to seeing you on Wed, with bells on!' I said that bells hadn't been mentioned before, to get back: 'We don't care if they are Xmas, cow or jingle as long as there are bells' So I have brought some, threaded them onto a piece of yarn, and will appear with them at the office. Challenge accepted!
I know I need to fill you in on Canberra as I didn't get a chance to email what was happening as much as I wanted to, so bear with me. I am uploading loads of photos to FB, doing an album at a time, I didn't realise I had taken so many!
Toodles folks, will let y'all know how it goes today later.


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