Have a little faith

There is only one thing I am really worried about my new role and job description. I am in charge of watering the plants. Patrick (one of my new bosses, not my brother, I can see this getting confusing) said not to worry if I kill them off, as we can buy fake ones. Hmmm, not reassuring. Dan asked me today if I told them I had brown fingers, I said no, but I have a timetabled note in my diary on when to water them and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Other than my lack of Percy Thrower-ness, (now I am showing my age!) I think I am going to be fine, the company has grown so quickly, literally from a garage where Jason was practicising with people waiting to see him on his driveway in all weathers, to one of the fastest growing franchise groups in the country, it is an exciting time to be joining them. There are little to no systems in place, one of my first major tasks is to write up policies on administration, write an induction for new staff and overhaul the hard and soft filing systems with Patrick. Jason has asked that he is now kept out the loop on how the office is running, unless he needs to know about it, so he can concentrate on doing what he needs to do. I am thoroughly enjoying myself, but counted up it is 8 months since I did work like this as I left Gresham at the end of August. Eeek.

I am based at reception, and have a window again, although this is a double edged sword as it is a main road so lorries rumble by all the time. The office is long, narrow, made from 2 1980s buildings backing onto each other and rapidly filling up as there have been 4 new starters in the past 2 weeks. We are probably going to move location in 8-10 months, which will be an interesting manouvere, as the last big office move I did was with JP, with none of the sourcing buildings involved as it was internal within C&W. We do training on site, so we need a fair amount of room, some more daylight would be nice as some of the offices are a bit dark and trying to fit 4 of us around the little table in the kitchen for lunch was interesting too.

I have been given several projects to run with while I get in, settled and find my feet. Technical difficulties today made working interesting, I was fine in Outlook, and could see use and amend all the files I needed to, but couldn’t save any onto the network. Which was a bit annoying as I slowly cluttered up my desktop then had to go back into everything late this afternoon to save them when it had been sorted out.

Dan brought home a fireproof box for me today, as I am looking after the back up tapes and have to bring the right days tape in with me. I also have keys to the office, alarm code, petty cash and will be number one on the call out list if someone sets the alarm off. Although I am not sure yet what will happen with that, I need to talk to Jason about what happens there. Either way the chances of remembering a password to blurt out in the middle of the night should the thing go off will be interesting.

So all in all, I have a varied mixture, will be busy and over my lunch breaks feel like I am being talked to by the Spanish Inquisition (no-body expects…) as they ask me questions about England and London. Asking me about the parks where people sunbathe (not done here, people only ever go to the beach), the rain, the buildings, what is it like with so much old stuff around and so on. I am the only Inglish bod, but I work with a Malaysian, Fijian, an Indian and an Eastern European, the last two are the other two women and I am guessing on their nationalities, so will confirm later.

I am going sailing with them all on Saturday, will take my camera with me for you all, and Mr Fisher he could do with an outing again. There are 26 people going, not all from the office some of the Directors of the franchises are coming too. Now here is something that will have most of you (especially Doomy and Lippy) rolling in the aisles. Our team building exercise is also this month. We are doing a commando course. All I can say is, it is a bluddy good job I am working with two leading Australian physiotherapists.


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