Brrrr, freezing chilly cold

I am on my way back from the city on a train trying to thaw out after a mornings sailing. We woke up to a miserable, cold, wet, English morning, I took photos so you can see later. I was dropped off by DG, in the rain, to stand waiting for our boat to be ready with people I had met a couple of times trying to be my winning best, but with my shy head on so not confident enough to introduce myself to them all. Mr Fisher was a good ice breaker, and we had a few laughs over him, as he posed willingly for photos.
Dan didn't sleep well, he couldn't work out where the water he could hear was trickling from, checked all the taps to decide it was in the downpipes from the roof and the rain. The alarm went off and we dozed for nearly an hour, the bed is so comfy it is really hard to get out of when you don't want to move. I woke up a bit ratty, he left me to get on with my mood and it soon passed. He's learning!
I am a bit later getting home than I thought I would be, so when I crawl back under the covers to have a siesta, he will probably wake me up when he gets in from the football.
I'm sat listening to my iPod, trying not to sing along to my favourite songs, I found myself humming at the platform edge on Thursday, much to one man's amusement. I drove to work singing so loud yesterday I was hoarse when I got there. Singing isn't my strong point, as Sonia's Santas can testify!
I found out today that Nelly is from Chile, she had her children in Brazil, then came to Melbourne 22 years ago. Her accent is a mixture of Spanish and European, so I couldn't place it at first. She is Paulina's mum, so Jason's MIL, and has seen the company grow from the beginning. She is very excited I am here, which is nice.
More later, I'm nearly home.


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