Monday, Monday

I am at home after a successful Monday. The alarm went off, I was already awake, we had a cuddle and listened to the news, got showered and dressed and my hair behaved until nearly 4pm – must be getting the hang of it. I wore my green stripey shirt and got yet another compliment while wearing it, literally every time I put it on someone says how nice it is. It is a bit short so I have to wear it out my trousers, but to avoid muffin top (it’s only little) I wear a tank top on top.

I drove DG into work, then tootled off on my way, didn’t get lost and was there early enough to buy some bananas for my cereal and get settled ready to sit down with Jason at 9am.

My computer is 95% fixed now, it was 100% but has decided to not double side my printing for some reason, after it did 5 pages quite happily. I am delivering on the little projects I have been given, plugging away at the bigger projects and am on track for the big course that Jason is running on Thursday, if I could have printed this afternoon – I would have nearly completed everything I needed to do.

At home we’ve stripped and changed the bed, leaving it to air all day and putting the first load of washing on this morning, draped it this evening. I made a risotto, with enough for lunch for tomorrow, Dan’s done the dishes, got his clothes out for the morning and it is 8:15!


If only every day was like this. We do try to be organised, but there are some days when you just have to flop and wonder what the hell happens. With a bit of luck, we’ll get ourselves sorted then I can start going for a swim next week in the mornings too. Yes, you did read that right, I am choosing to go swimming at silly o’clock in the morning, before work. There is a YMCA with a 50m pool just down the road, in a suburb of Melbourne the size of Hailsham. Go figure.

I am supposed to be watching St Kilda play football, seeing as they are ‘my’ team, I need to learn the players. Which as they don’t have names on their shirts isn’t as easy over here. Will close for now, I know this hasn’t been really exciting, and I am sorry. Will get Canberra up for you soon.


One thought on “Monday, Monday

  1. Swimming at silly o’clok in the morning?! That’s the sort of thing that I do – but onyl 2 mornings a week! :o)

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